How To Create A New Teamspeak 3 Privilege Key or Admin Token Key

Clanwarz TeamSpeak 3 Servers

Creating Teamspeak 3 Privilege Keys For Your Clanwarz Teamspeak 3 Voice Server

Not only can you use it at the present time to restore your server, but you can use if you cancel your service and then return for another Teamspeak 3 Server in the future.Follow these simple steps to backup and restore your Teamspeak 3 Server.

  • To begin, please be sure you logged in already at the Clanwarz Teamspeak 3 Control Panel.
  • Click the Privilege Keys icon.
  • Click The Red X by the Privilege Key or Keys you wish to remove.
  • Click The Add Privilege Key to create a new Key.
  • Connect To Your Teamspeak 3 Server
  • Click on The Permissions Tab
  • Click On Use Privilege Key.
  • Place your new Privilege Key inside this field to have Super Admin of your Teamspeak 3 Server

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