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We Offer The Following TS3 Hosting Benefits:

  • Featuring Malware & Virus Scans On All TS3 Files - Every Five Minutes!
  • File Transfer Activated with Unlimited Downloads
  • File Upload & Download Speeds - Unlimited
  • Instant Restore Server From Last 21 Days
  • Save Encrypted Server Snap Shots and Channel Tree
  • Create Admin, Server & Channel Privilege Keys
  • Restore Server To Default Clanwarz Settings at Will
  • Customize & Manage Your Own TSDNS Hostnames
  • Manage Client Database, Complaint & Lists
  • Reset Permissions on Server & Channel Groups
  • Create Custom Server & Channel Admin Privilege Keys
  • Create Temp Server Passwords & View Server Logs
  • Billing System Features

  • Subscribe with PayPal & PayPal Express Checkout
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex and JCP Union
  • Webmoney RU/EU Instant Money Conversion
  • Upgrade or Downgrade Voice Slots Instantly
  • Upgrade or Downgrade Extra File Transfer Bandwidth Instantly
  • Clan Pay System - Donate to Your Account
  • Add Funds to Your Account Any Time
  • Affiliate 75 Percent Commission Payout
  • Over 500 Pro Banners To Choose From
  • Purchase Gift Certificates & Receive 20 Percent Discount
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Our Webadmin was designed with you in mind. Whether you are a renter or a reseller, you will be able to login and modify your Teamspeak 3 Server from anywhere via the Internet! Not only can you stream your mumble log file to your desktop but you can also download a backup of your mumble server files at any time. You can edit every aspect of the mumble server all from within your mumble control panel!
We have made the Teamspeak 3 Server order process easy and completely automated. When you order a Teamspeak 3 Server from us, you will recieve your Teamspeak 3 Server within five seconds of your order. Not only that, but Clanwarz is now featuring a complete list of Mumo Scripts with every server! So stop waiting ... Order Today!
From 56k dialups to T1, every hosting customer will enjoy crystal clear sound. All voice codecs and voice formats can be accessed and changed from the Webadmin. Since there is no limit on the bandwidth, you too will enjoy a crystal clear voice network.

  • Justin Pierce - Game Dev

    I grew up with the golden age of competitive first person shooters -- the genre was full of innovation and variety. We had tactical sims like Rainbow Six, fast paced deathmatch with Quake, tense game modes like bomb defusal in Counter-Strike, and dozens of players trying to steal your flag with futuristic vehicles and jetpacks in Tribes. Genre tropes weren't as defined and these games were forced to explore new mechanics with awesome results.

    Today's online shooters are doing a great job capturing hollywood action and an even better job finding innovative ways to get players to grind for weapons. The competitive scene has also drifted away from the fps genre, finding a home with MOBAs. With Telos, I want to bring back that spirit of exploratory game design we saw during the golden age and create the best competitive atmosphere possible.

    Part of what ensures a good competitive experience are solid servers and I'm glad to be working with Clanwarz. Their services have been a huge help during development and I'm sure they'll be able to deliver great servers when Telos is released. Their people are awesome to work with and I definitely recommend them.