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Counter-Strike 1.6 Server Stability and Uptime Guaranteed -   Enjoy Server Redundancy & Switch Between Server Locations

No Lag with Low Pings Guaranteed

Our machines are housed at the best Data Centers around the world. These Data Centers have been in operation for over 10 years and are top ranked across the globe. Thier ability to continuously provide Counter-Strike 1.6 users around the globe with flawless connectivity and redundancy has pleased millions of gamers world wide. Data Centers such as Softlayer - IBM and Peer 1 are the backbone to our game and voice server network.

Secondary Backup Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers Included

Clanwarz guarantees your Counter-Strike 1.6 by Valve Server to be up at all times. If your service should be unreachable at anytime, we will provide you with a secondary backup server. This backup Counter-Strike 1.6 Server is provided at no cost to you and will always be there in case you need it. Even thou we work hard to ensure your services are always on and live, Network Outages can happen at anytime and without any warning. Even thou Network Outages are very rare, it's nice to know your Counter-Strike 1.6 by Valve game server service has redundancy if ever needed.

Move Your Counter-Strike 1.6 by Valve Game Server Anytime

If you need your Counter-Strike 1.6 by Valve Game Server relocated to a different location, we will do this for you at anytime at no extra cost. Great for Military and Students!

Why Choose Clanwarz To Host Your Counter Strike 1.6 Game Server?

Control Panel

Backed by our feature-rich custom control panel, moderating your Counter Strike 1.6 server has never been so easy or looked this good! You can start and stop your server with the push of a button, update steam files and change your server game-mode all without breaking a sweat. You can even schedule server backups and submit your server for banners.

Automated Setup

Quickly install sourcemod, metamod and ESL configs to get your Counter Strike 1.6 server running the way you want. With our steam update feature, you can update your server through steam's secure network easily and quickly so you can get back to gaming faster.

File Transfer FTP

Need to install the latest and greatest in sourcemod plugins? With our FTP access you can install the latest plugins from your favorite developers. Adding new maps to your server rotation is as simple as uploading, editing your map files and restarting your server through our custom control panel.

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