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Nothing says "Game On" like the promise of zombies - (CLOSED) - Ventrilo Control Panel

"Left 4 Dead 2 - Zombies"

Free Left 4 Dead 2 Games From Steam - Join Today

In preparation for the impending Zombie Apocalypse, we're giving away copies of Left 4 Dead 2 and Killing Floor for Steam Users.

To enter for a chance to win one of 4 L4D2 or one of 6 KF copies, first make sure you are eligible by reading the eligibility requirements.

Then enter by doing any of the following:

Copies will be sent to the winners through Steam. If you do not have a steam account, you forfiet your entry.

The Clanwarz Game & Voice Server Package Guarantee

Our Game & Voice Server packages include a heavily modified and exclusive custom control panel where we allow you the user full control of your server, your server commmand line and your server files while automating many functions such as mod installations, server software updates, map pack installations and much more.

If you would like to preview a Game or Voice Server, please register and request a demo or trial server. We will create you a server in a location nearest you free of charge. You can then try your game or voice service before you purchase.

Remember all Game Servers, Voice Servers and all Web Hosting Services come with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

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Clanwarz         Monday, June 3, 2013         Clanwarz Contest - Enter to Win A Copy of Left 4 Dead 2 or Killing Floor for PC