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Spring Cleaning At Clanwarz Can Bring You A New Steam Game - The Killing Floor

"The Killing Floor"

Receive Your Free Copy Of Left 4 Dead 2 or The Killing Floor Today

Summer is in full swing here at Clanwarz, and to celebrate the release of our new site and payment center we're doing a bit of spring cleaning on our gaming inventory!

We’ve had copies of these games for months now and quite frankly they are starting to get heavy.

So to lighten our load a bit, we’re giving away 4 copies of Left 4 Dead 2 and 4 Copies of Killing Floor! That’s eight copies for eight lucky winners!

For your chance to be one of the lucky eight, all you have to do is one of the following:

As a special thanks to our clients for supporting us, we will be giving out an extra copy of Killing Floor on twitter!

We will announce the winner for this copy through twitter, so if you want to improve your chances of winning Killing Floor, you should hit that follow button!

For your chance to win this extra copy of Killing floor, just do the following:

  • Tweet The Following: “Hey @clanwarz ! Let me take that extra copy of Killing Floor off your hands #springcleaning #clanwarz #datsite"
  • Post below, introduce yourself and tell us you have made the Tweet!

As always, make sure you check back with us to secure your copy if you win! Otherwise we’ll have to do a new contest and we don’t want to do that…again.

All games will be given as a gift item through steam. To make it easier, join our STEAM GROUP so we can locate you quickly.If you do not have a steam account you can create one by going here.

Contest Ends On July 27th and Winners Will Be Listed Below

The Clanwarz Game & Voice Server Package Guarantee

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If you would like to preview a Game or Voice Server, please register and request a demo or trial server. We will create you a server in a location nearest you free of charge. You can then try your game or voice service before you purchase.

Remember all Game Servers, Voice Servers and all Web Hosting Services come with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

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Clanwarz         Wednesday, July 17, 2013         Spring Cleaning Here At Clanwarz. Get Your Game On!