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ShootMania Storm Elite Servers Now Available At Clanwarz - SMStorm

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Ubisoft - Nadeo Releasing Shootmania Storm Beta Servers

ShootMania Strom Servers have arrived at Clanwarz and they are fast and smooth!

Here are just a few webadmin features you can expect to control when you rent a BETA ShootMania Storm server at

The Clanwarz Game & Voice Server Package Guarantee

Our Game & Voice Server packages include a heavily modified and exclusive custom control panel where we allow you the user full control of your server, your server commmand line and your server files while automating many functions such as mod installations, server software updates, map pack installations and much more.

If you would like to preview a Game or Voice Server, please register and request a demo or trial server. We will create you a server in a location nearest you free of charge. You can then try your game or voice service before you purchase.

Remember all Game Servers, Voice Servers and all Web Hosting Services come with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

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Clanwarz         Tuesday, September 4, 2012         ShootMania Storm Elite Hits Clanwarz!