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Clanwarz Sponsorship Spotlight: Pms H20 Clan

More and more women are entering the arena when it comes to the video game world. Female players are becoming a blossoming dominate force, and they are here to stay! Clanwarz is a proud sponsor of the PMS Clan; the worlds largest multi-platform female gaming clan in the world. They have players ranging from Texas to Singapore. They play on PC, Playstation, and even Xbox! The ladies at PMS know how to game and range from new players learning the ropes to seasoned veterans of a plethora of different titles.

PMS Clan formed in 2002 with PMS Xbox. In 2005, PMS Clan added Playstation and PC making them the largest female multi-platform gaming organization. Later in the year, in 2005, they also added the H2O Clan which is the male supporting clan for PMS Clan. Since it's formation, PMS Clan has been a positive impact on the lives of many female gamers by providing a fun and competitive online gaming community for women. PMS Clan continues to provide a positive camaraderie for female gamers in a male dominated online gaming community.

Why do gaming clans have need of a organization like Clanwarz?

PMS Clan has hundreds of members spanning the globe. It is tough to find a way to communicate effectively with your clanmates if you do not have a reliable and crystal clear way to do so. Clanwarz proudly provides voice servers to PMS Clan in order to ensure their ability to use for in game reasons as well as hangout spots. When you need a voice server that can be set up instantly with top of the line quality, Clanwarz is the premiere provider! We offer Teamspeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo servers so you can choose what voice server suits your organization the best. Is your gaming clan from overseas? No worries our voice servers are available in over 36 locations worldwide and offer a crystal clear sound!

Some other ways we provide PMS Clan with support is with our top of the line game servers. With many different types of games supported like CS:GO, Clanwarz provides these servers to PMS as a premiere sponsor. The servers we provide range from Killing Floor, Unreal Tournament, Urban Terror, and so much more! Our Services are completely custom and can be set up with one click of your mouse. We offer an easy custom command line with mod & map pack installers; they're perfect for your gaming clans needs!

Do you think your clan has what it takes to become a premiere sponsor like the PMS Clan? Would you like to learn more about how your gaming clan could be sponsored by Clanwarz?

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The Clanwarz Game & Voice Service Guarantee

All Game & Voice Servers come equipped with our Custom Control Panel enabling you to install maps and configs.

Your Game Servers will be setup with a voice server of your choice. You can choose between ventrilo, teamspeak, or mumble voice server which will also be connected instantly with your order.

If you would like to preview a Multiplayer Game Server, please open a support ticket inside the control panel and let us know the location and we will have one prepared for you and placed within your control panel.

Remember ALL game and voice servers come with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

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