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CS:GO Game Servers - Second Month Free - Holiday Special

Since it's glorious introduction to the gaming world in 1999, Counter-strike has made several large leaps towards being a beast of a game. So much so, that we almost forgot it started out as a mod. Developed originally by its own community of scripters and modders, Counter-Strike added tons of features like bots, admin plugins and game mods to the original Half Life published by Valve Software.

Following the massive success of the first Counter-Strike mod, the creators of the mod were hired on to Valve, and Counter-Strike became a Valve game. One engine and three games later, Counter- Strike has become a staple in the first person shooter genre. Spawning multiple spin-offs, the most recent of which is Counter-Strike: Nexon Zombies, if you've never played Counter-Strike then you are definitely missing out on a great piece of PC gaming history.

The latest installment into the Counter-Strike series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released in 2012 and currently has an average of over 100k players on at any given time. Players from all over the world come together to compete in competitive gameplay or just to casually shoot each other with their favorite weapons. With classic game-modes and maps that are signature in the Counter-Strike series, Counter-Strike Global Offensive modernizes the series with a new interface and loadout customization while still keeping with that Counter-Strike HUD we've grown to know and love.

Make your Counter-Strike online experience the best by ordering one of our excellent Counter Strike Global Offensive Game Servers here at If you'd like to get in on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive action, you can easily set up a server with your favorite game modes and maps. If, however, you prefer to play it old school you can order a Counterstrike 1.6 server and relive the earlier days of this excellent game. Get in on this quickly! While the holidays are here, you can get a second month free automatically.

Here at Clanwarz, we offer top of the line game servers for all of your Counter Strike Global Offensive needs! Our CSGO servers come with a custom command line, map pack installers, full FTP access, and 5GB of free webspace! You'll also have an extensive file management system that is set up instantly with the click on one button! Our CSGO servers start at $1.25 per slot! With a 15 day money back guarantee, what are you waiting for? Order today!

Order CSGO Here - Include Ventrilo Mumble Teamspeak 3

The Clanwarz CSGO Game & Voice Service Guarantee

All Counter Strike Global Offensive Game & Voice Servers come equipped with our Custom Control Panel enabling you to install maps and configs.

Your CSGO Game Servers will be setup with a voice server of your choice. You can choose between ventrilo, teamspeak, or mumble voice server which will also be connected instantly with your order.

If you would like to preview a Counter Strike : GO Game Server, please open a support ticket inside the control panel and let us know the location and we will have one prepared for you and placed within your control panel.

Remember ALL game and voice servers come with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

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