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Created by New World Interactive, INSURGENCY follows in the footsteps of famous games like CounterStrike and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six as a team-based, multiplayer first-person shooter. Focused on tactical and objective-based gameplay, INSURGENCY is based on the popular total conversion mod for Half-Life 2 titled INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat.

INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat's development , then under the title Operation: Counter-INSURGENCY, began in 2002 by Andrew Spearin as a realistic, modern, squad-based FPS based on his experiences in the Canadian Army. Joined later by the founder of the Red Orchestra mod, Jeremy Blum, the game began full production in 2005 and officially renamed itself to INSURGENCY. INSURGENCY had its first public release in 2007, after-which is won Player's Choice Mod of the Year from ModDB and Best Source Mod of 2007.

Released in January of 2014, INSURGENCY 2 - now known as just INSURGENCY - is the standalone successor to INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat. With over 20 modern weapons, each with numerous attachments, and the focus on realistic weapon behaviour, INSURGENCY is a FPS fanboy's - or girl's - dream.

INSURGENCY has 27 multiplayer and co-op maps that take place in 12 distinctive environments and a free-aim system with intense suppression effects will weed out those "run and gun" kids on your team. Those with OSX can also play along with their PC brethren in intense firefights that can include up to 32 people.

You can still purchase the game for 50% off on steam, and with a Clanwarz dedicated gaming server you can pull some of your closest friends into incredibly tense co-op missions.

Here at Clanwarz, we offer top of the line game servers for all of your Insurgency needs! Our INS Game Servers come with a custom command line, map pack installers, full FTP access, and 5GB of free webspace! You'll also have an extensive file management system that is set up instantly with the click on one button! Our CSGO servers start at $1.25 per slot! With a 15 day money back guarantee, what are you waiting for? Order today!

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The Clanwarz Insurgency Game & Voice Service Guarantee

All Insurgency Game & Voice Servers come equipped with our Custom Control Panel enabling you to install maps and configs.

Your Insurgency Game Servers will be setup with a voice server of your choice. You can choose between ventrilo, teamspeak, or mumble voice server which will also be connected instantly with your order.

If you would like to preview an INS Game Server, please open a support ticket inside the control panel and let us know the location and we will have one prepared for you and placed within your control panel.

Remember ALL game and voice servers come with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

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