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Buy Instant Mumble Servers With Mumo Bot And Custom Server Address Included Free

Order Mumble Servers With Mumo - The Mumble Moderator Included Free

Mumble is a voice server that gives you a way to communicate and game with your friends without the limitations of in-game voice chat. Many gamers turn to Mumble when they're looking for a voice server that has low latency combined with positional audio that is of a high quality.

Our Mumble voice servers comes standard with a Free Custom DNS Suite which gives you the ability to manage your Custom Server Address at anytime, a custom control panel, as well as the accessibility to instantly install and manage all of the The Mumble Moderator plugins.

We pride ourselves on having new and exciting offerings available to our clients. We are proud to announce that we will now be offering Mumo - The Mumble moderator, with your Mumble voice server! Mumo (Also known as Mumo Bots) functions by using Python which enables growth to it's plugin base by using Mumble's own open sources capabilities.

Mumo - The Mumble moderator, will give you extra features that allow you to better manage your server. From the Anti Recording to the Stick Status plugins, Mumo is a wonderful admin tool that gives you a little more power to flex on your own Mumble server.

Here are some of the features you can expect with your Mumble Mumo server:

  • Anti Recording - This plugins enables control over a user who starts to record while in your Mumble Server.
  • Antiflood Protection - This plugin controls user who exceed a limit of actions within a timeframe (both can be changed) he will be kicked from the server.
  • Away From Keyboard - This plugin moves users who have been idle for a configurable amount of time into a idle channel. They can be muted/deafened on move.
  • BattleField 2 Automation - This plugin dynamically move players into appropriate channels and groups to fit the in-game command structure of Battlefield 2.
  • Muted Users To AFK - This plugin moves users, who are self muted and deafened, into a defined channel and moves them back after undeafened and unmuted.
  • Display Images In Channels - This plugins enables you to send an image URL to the channel. The server fetches and sends the image instead of the url.
  • Player Last Seen - This plugin allows users to query the server for the last time a specific player was logged into the server.
  • Max Users Per Channel - This plugin provides you the ability to control the max users you would like to have per channel at any given time.
  • On Join To Channel - This plugin allows moving players into a specific channel once they connect regardless of which channel they were in when they left.
  • Op Command - This plugin enables specific groups the ability to grant another user temporary access to any group at the channel or server level.
  • Set User Status - This plugin allows registered users to set and delete a status message in square brackets behind their names.
  • Source Games Channel Movements - This plugin manages ACL / channel movements based on source gamestate reported by Mumble positional audio plugins.
  • Sticky Status - This plugin enables the ability to place a user in a sticky group which removes all permissions the user had and restricts movement.

You can rent your very own Mumo Script enabled Mumble Voice Server starting at $2.00 per server! As always, make sure to check out our discounts when ordering a voice and game server together.

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The Clanwarz Mumble Voice Server Guarantee - All Mumble Servers Created Instantly

All Mumble Servers come equipped with our Custom DNS Suite which will enable you to manage and edit your Custom Server Address at anytime and without admin intervention. Our Custom Control Panel will give you the ability to install and manage all Mumo plugins with a simple click. Remember all Mumble Servers come with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

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