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World Of Tanks

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Did you know that World of Tanks is played by over 1 million people in the world across multiple platforms like Xbox (360 and One), PC, and soon to be PS4? According to a Statista graph created in November 2015, it's ranked 6 out of the most played PC games. If that many people are playing it, it has to be good!

If you like FPS and real-time strategy games, you'll like WoT.

The game was created by Wargaming Minsk and Day 1 Studios, published by Wargaming. It a free to play game that focuses on PvP. Obviously, you play as a tank but the real beauty is operating real tanks from other countries like US, Germany, China, France, Japan, and more. There you can use light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns. You can customize your tank to look and fire as you please, so don't worry - you won't be using tanks from your grandparents' era.

Six types of battles are available for you to engage in such as random battles, team battles, eam-training battles, stronghold battles, tank-company battles, and special battles. There's also a non-stop scenario called Clan Wars where rank 10 and up players can duke it out.

Definitely watch some action on Twitch to get a feel for the game before you play it. Being able to see top streamers' tactics is a great introduction ot the game. When you do start playing, don't feel bad if you take more of a back seat in the large games. Watch how other people play and learn the maps, controls, and so on. If you're intimidated, there's also World of Tanks Blitz available, which is a mobile version. You can play 7v7 battles, which is smaller than the normal 15v15 battles you can play on PC.

Interested in playing World of Tanks? Try downloading it here.

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