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Purchase a CS:GO Game Server - Free Website Included

How will you ever go pro if you’re content with playing with normal people on normal servers? Or maybe you just want to play the game casually and all these try hard’s keep getting in your way. Or maybe you want to promote your team or clan and a server with your name on that does the trick? Don’t worry, we at Clanwarz got you covered!

Our CS:GO servers are easy to setup and can be hosted anywhere in the world, so that you always get the best ping no matter what. And our one-click configs make it easy to set up your server as a prime spot for other like minded players to come and play. They can even help you pay for the server with our clan pay and group pay donation system. The less time you spend setting up a server means more time to put those new knife skins to use!

All of our CS:GO servers have 2 free slots for private users, one-click source and meta mod installs and a 1GB/s Private Fast File Redirect. We thought about it all so you don’t have to. Less time worried about configs and more time getting your rankings up so you can join the big leagues.

So what are you waiting for? Try our servers today!

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The Clanwarz Game & Voice Service Guarantee

All Game & Voice Servers come equipped with our Custom Control Panel enabling you to install maps and configs.

Your Game Servers will be setup with a voice server of your choice. You can choose between ventrilo, teamspeak, or mumble voice server which will also be connected instantly with your order.

If you would like to preview a Multiplayer Game Server, please open a support ticket inside the control panel and let us know the location and we will have one prepared for you and placed within your control panel.

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Clanwarz         Saturday, April 1, 2017         CS:GO Game Servers With Teamspeak, Mumble, Ventrilo - Free Website Included