Clanwarz Loader

  • Shane Dickson (Oregon Mature Gamers =oMg=)

    "Great service, and features no other provider can provide. Highly recommended to anyone shopping for a game or voice server. Thank you Clanwarz for great service."

  • Moti Ben Vered (None)

    "I'm hosting a Mumble server on Clanwarz for over 9 months right now, and everything is just great. The service is always up and running perfectly. The new control panel is useful, easy to use and the customer support is fast and efficient. I will be using this service for very long - that's for sure. Thank you Clanwarz."

  • Tim Stocks (N/A)

    "Clanwarz is the best game server I've ever had - their servers are trouble free, the support is 2nd to none and their redirect is super fast. Coming to Clanwarz was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you Clanwarz."

  • William Chandra (Portal)

    "very good support"

  • Robert Gutermuth

    "Clanwarz has provided ridiculously awesome UT2004 and UT3 servers and Teamspeak 2 and 3 servers for Clan Apoc for years. Their servers are great, their network connections are great, and in the rare event when things go wrong, their customer and technical service is always available, efficient, and friendly. You cannot go wrong with Clanwarz."

  • "We only have one server and one TS3 but the service we receive is always excellent and fast. Thanks Jay for the call today to get the redirect straightened out. Thanks Jay and the Clanwarz team."

  • Marco Martins

    "Clanwarz makes having your very own server easy. This includes beginners who have never built a voice or game server as well as experts. The system is easy to use and maintain, with a lot of powerful tools and features to ensure that everything works properly and your server can be found. The up-time guarantee is one of the best in the business and your server will be hosted on a secure and safe network using the most advanced equipment available!"

  • Aleksey Mozgovenko (

    "Great guys and great service! Working together for a long time with you, as one of your resellers."

  • Marion bolton

    "When I needed online help with change over of servers, the admin was brilliant and she even saved me some money.

    Great service and great people that want to save you money work here at Clanwarz so thanks from Marion and Skull Gamers."

  • Artyom Melnikov

    "Greatest service I ever had. I guess I will be your client for many years. Would like to praise your live chat operator Lisa, professional, fast and very good. I was a bit angry when my mumble server denied working, but she repaired it so fast. Thank you for the great support. Keep up the fabulous work."

  • Nick Yankovskiy (Imperium)

    "Excellent support. Fast Service. Smart techs. Easy Upgrade, Easy Downgrade. Easy All."

  • javier Cortes

    "Great service. They took the time to help me with my server. I love Clanwarz so thank you very much."

  • Sylvester Moss (Bahamas Flight Club)

    "Lisa was awesome and she helped me every step of the way. I could not have done it with out her."

  • Juan Manuel Perez

    "Clanwarz have a great support in my case I took great care of Lisa. She is smart and very kind."

  • Andre Helgesson

    "Very good and very fast service. The setup was instant and my server is very ping good."

  • Denis Kandler

    "Fast and helpful and courteous. I recommend Clanwarz to anyone."

  • Rafael Aguiar (Dota Brothers)

    "I was client of ClanWarz for 1+ year(s). And can say this is the best voice service in the world.
    Jay is a wonderfull and attentive person!
    If u thinking in join they service, do this and will be a member family of signers of this host!
    And like in facebook to participate in promotions!"

  • Mel Whalen (RAV Clan)

    "I and my clan =RAV= have been using and recommending Clanwarz for years. When we have had issues, Clanwarz has always ready with a response and with a quick solution. We have had our server capacity shrink-ed and enlarged to handle any capacity (one time we needed room for over 100 gamers and Clanwarz was easily able to accommodate us. When a gamer asks us who we use, we will always recommend ClanWarz."

  • David Maciag

    "Was frustrated with other companies' services and support so we switched to Clanwarz. Great servers and awesome support! They went out of their way to help us out when we needed it the most. Thanks again!"

  • Junxiong Ng (Synapse)

    "Been a clanwarz user for a long time, only decided to take up another server recently for a 500 slot capacity when GW2 release. However due to the quality issue from that server recently, decided came back for Clanwarz and is extremely pleased with the service once again !"

  • Daniel Vogt

    "Great service, was a loyal customer for a long time. It's been a great service, but I no longer have a need for it.

    Thank you for your great service over the past couple of years. I will be back when it is necessary for me to have a voice server."

  • Tyler Reguly

    "Amazing Service! Awesome Price! Couldn't Be Happier! -- Slight Server Outage andI was back up and running very quickly!"

  • Roland Brush

    "i really don't know yet u should wait for review when the server is up."

  • Mike Wright

    "I have to say that i love the layout. i love how everything is so user friendly and if there is something that you can't figure out the support from clanwarz is outstanding... not only will they help with the issue you have, they will also take a moment to show you other features and addons that make your subscription worth it!"

  • Andreas Hjortdahl

    "Very satisfied, cheap and no problems what so ever"

  • "Amazing customer service. A lot of dedication and quality here. Thumbs Up!"

  • Massimo Gelli

    "Great Teamspeak 3 Servers and very useful control panel. I would order from Clanwarz in the future."

  • Gene Yates

    "Quick Reply and great service."

  • Terry walls

    " I had taken out a server for shootmania, and developed problems with the rcon witnin 3 days. After about a week and a half and a bit of confusion, I got a call
    at home from Jason in Tech support. Now you must understand I live in Canada, and what a surprise as MOST hosting companies do not do this.
    Jason spent a good 3/4 of an hour on the phone with me while he troublshot, and corrected all my problems. I even got instructions on a better way to admin the backend of the server.

    While I understand that I am NOT the only customer and it can be a bit of time until a response is given to my ticket, I have NEVER had the actual Tech take the time to CALL me and stay on the line blow by blow as he fixed the problems. OUTSTANDING.....

    My hats off to Jason and his team of Techs for what sounds like a thankless and tiring job. Great customer service and a pleasure to be with Clawarrz.

    BTW our server speeds are some of the best I have seen as we are using Chicago.

    Terry Walls, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada"

  • Deward Shaffer

    "Jay was just great helped me get things up and running.....Super Job"

  • Joni Strömberg

    "One of the best support experiences I have had during my lifetime."

  • Jellybelle Baisa

    "Our organization started running their own server so we wont need the service anymore. It was a great service, we would definitely come back if we ever need service again and absolutely recommend this company! One side comment though, we didn't have the ability to upload and download files even with a limited bandwidth but other than that, the service and customer service is great! It was nice having you guys as our dedicated teamspeak server. Thank You."

  • Noelle Rose

    "Great server packages at decent prices and you have access to the things you need to run them properly! The admin panel has some neat options as well and the servers are always updatedable as soon as a new version of the game comes out. Highly recommend."

  • Conor Leahy (n/a)

    "Everything has went well and when I requested help by opening a ticket it was answered by a friendly and very helpful member of staff who immediately fixed the problem. I couldn't ask for more. Thanks"

  • Paul Connors

    "Excellent Support. Had problem connecting (guess due to a Server Crash) and I was back up and running within 10 minutes of my time. Jay was a Great Help with the assistance on this. First time in years that I have even been down once."

  • Magnus Rismyhr

    "5 Star Rating!"

  • Tim Nichols

    "I don't know what to say except this is the best service I've ever had. Thank you very much!"

  • Kenneth Mack

    "Excellent service and customer support. Lisa is the best."

  • Joao Almeida (home)

    "Great support service, quick response, and excellent service. Lisa from support is an axcellent employee of yours."

  • "lisa good good girl"

  • Doug Stewart

    "Great Stuff!"

  • Victor Garcia (Coro)

    "Tuve un problema con el restart del server, estuve hablado con Lisa del support que lo arreglo rapido. Buen servicio."

  • Brandon Rayner (DerZ)

    "Provided excellent support and i will recommend them to everyone i know."

  • Justin Dzubinski

    "Clanwarz does a great job in making me feel like a gamer. Great job and I like it."

  • Gary Ng

    "We are Singapore's largest World of Tanks clan and this is our first time with Great and fast service in setting up our clan TeamSpeak 3 server! Had excellent service from Lisa that helped us to enjoy a substantial saving on our costs. We really look forward to a great time with!"

  • David Forrester

    "I worked with Jay today. Great help on getting a new computer setup to use admin privileges on my vent server. Thanks to Jay for the time and effort."

  • Tarrise McCart (Stardancer)

    "As usual, amazing, prompt and efficient customer support. Thank you for being so helpful for the last 3 years. Keep up the great work. Thank you Clanwarz."

  • "Clanwarz provides a great service. We will always support this host. We will be with Clanwarz for a long long very long time."

  • "Thanks for the support. Very knowledgeable help. Server run smooth and control panel is very nice. Thank you very much Clanwarz."

  • Jean Soon

    "Fast and good service,responsible and able to solve problem fast. 5 Thumbs up."

  • Sergio Mingorance

    "Cinco Stars. That's right. One two three four five baby. Five stars out of five."

  • Ray Menendez

    "Awesome service. Today I had an issue and asked for support. Even though I was not expecting to receive a phone call, I did. I also received a complete walk through and a step by step procedure on how to resolve my issue. The service is A-1. If I could give a 10 I would. I will definitely recommend your services to everyone i know. Thanks so much for the great customer service."

  • John Arm

    "It's very amazing to see high grade help. I love the services here and I would definitely recommend this website to my friends."

  • Shaun Hilton

    "I've been around the block, over the years, with various game-server providers. They seemed to be pretty much the same deal... some dude sitting around in his tighty-whities pretending to be some type of professional... Although they try to help, in their service tickets, they come on strong at first, and then get passive-aggressive overtime as they discover you have one need, after another. Apparently, your not the type of 'set it and forget it' type of user they would prefer... You have users (gamers), who have a strong desire for progressive-changes that requires updated server executives, permission changes, and a little education on what it is that you are capable of doing, on their platform.

    I have to say, ClanWarz, has been extremely accommodating upon these demands... I had my doubts at first, but then soon discovered that they really cared and where capable. I felt I got a personal connection that allowed me to express my needs, without the formality of having to spell very thing out for them. It seemed as though they actually read my history to understand my perspective.

    Aside from the support aspect, I am pleased with the back-end services that protect my server from DDoS Attacks and the  malicious entities that come along with supporting a social medium. The latency for my sever, is the best I have ever seen for it's location. ClanWarz also has a full featured Control Panel with it's own special blend of features that others seem to OP-out of... such as statistics, graphs, web-console access, log-viewers, status banners, MOD managers, and scheduled tasks.

    Believe it or not, if you have a niche need for a service.... such as a QSTAT server, or any type of server, ClanWarz can probably provide it."

  • Jeffrey De Jong

    "Good consistent product, excellent support"

  • Robert Flansburgh

    "Clanwarz has been very respondent to all of needs fairly quickly after I report them. It's fairly simple, you ask, they respond. Thank you Clanwarz for your services."

  • Dave Waggle

    "Love the control panel for TS3 and the ability to register domains through Billing was quick and easy and the price is right :) Well worth a try!"

  • Dénsi Múrias (Shac Showdown)

    "Excellent Support and Service Alike!"

  • Jörgen Thornander

    "My Service with Clanwarz has been superior to any other service alike i have tested in the past. I did test some others because we needed an Ventrilo server for the guild when i was playing wow. But no other stood up to the task of having a nice support when there where problems or there where problems in other areas.

    Now i have been with Clanwarz for 5 years or more, i don't really remember, and for as long i have rented my ventrilo server i have had like 6 problems total for all these years.
    And these problems have been easily solved with the Support of Clanwarz Admins and Owner. We have rented other services also and they have worked really fine. We had an CS:GO server before (our friends didn't wanna play cs:go for a long time so we had to cancel that service) But when we encountered a problem with it, we got excellent help to fix the issue or it was something that wasn't implemented yet to the admin panel and it came in an update later.

    So for as long as my Ventrilo server is populated and nothing bad happens to me or Clanwarz i will rent from Clanwarz.

    Best Regards from an little gaming group in Sweden that will stay with Clanwarz for a long time ahead. "

  • "Clanwarz is the best Teamspeak 3 Server Provider that we have ever used and will ever use again. Their support team is the best."

  • Matthew O Doherty

    "Quick and easy set up. absolutely no complaints. i hope to be a long time customer if the service is always this good."

  • Luke Foster

    "I recommend to everyone. Their service is great, has never failed and has not let me down in any way. Their control panels are very simple to use and indeed very secure. The support team is very easy to contact and they fix any issues immediately. I love their new website."

  • David Abel

    "Oh my goodness ... Clanwarz hosting is so epic and inexpensive. Their automation is killer, just killer."

  • Kristian William Hede

    "Thanks you for provide me and my friends a cheap and very affordable and reliable Teamspeak 3 server. However If i have one request, could you add a few more games to your games list. Much obliged."

  • Francesca Sansotta

    "I know this is going to be short and sweet but excellent service."

  • Markus Lileeheil

    "Fixed my problem fast! The admin offered me free remote support! Then he sorted my microphone problem out! Fast and easy, showing me all the different things I could do on top of fixing my problem, so I really appreciated the help. Excellent support and customer service."

  • Eric Enriquez

    "They were brief and quick with my problem which I really needed. Thanks again."

  • David Fowler

    "Jay was awesome in helping me set up my system. Very friendly and patient. "

  • "I actually won the 12 days of Christmas Contest.  The service I received was excellent.  Phone support, along with Teamveiwer walked me through every process of getting things up and going.  Everything works as it should before they finish, so you wont receive half done setup or something you need to figure out later.

    During the time of setup they also showed me where I could find demos of what they went over with me, so if I happen to forget I could go back later for a refreshing view of how things work. Not to mention before they were done I was offered help through the support system if I ever needed anything.  How awesome is that?

    All I can say now is Clanwarz treats you with amazing service, and very happy with my experience.

    Chris Kelly"

  • Patryk Aksamit

    "Excellent Help, 10/10 would ask for help again."

  • Talon Kozeyah (Brave-Nation)

    "Clanwarz is one of the best communication Provider's, they have excellent service, The support team is great!, I run a  Competitive Gaming Community and its Great. I had Jay show me the in's and out's because knowing how to break down channels and server groups can make the Teamspeak Administration a great experience. It's crucial to have great up-time and steady connection, Clanwarz offer's Game/Chat Hosting for a great price.

    We recommend Clanwarz Hosting to Many private clans and guilds in the games we represent.

    The Best Never Rest
    Brave Nation Gaming"

  • Catrena Stevenson

    "This was the first server I have not hosted myself for my group and I personally have to say I will not switch. You guys do the job just the way I want it at a reasonable price."

  • Ruben Noberto (War-Gamers)

    "Great Service."

  • Cosmin Gaman (

    "I love Clanwarz - just wonderful control panel and network."

  • Rob Munsch

    "If you're reading this here, you're probably shopping around for an online gaming service. This is the one you want. The service is fast and excellent, the servers are solid, the features are great, and the price is low. Dunno about you, but that's everything on my checklist. Customer service is patient even when you're not, and will work with you to resolve the rare issue that might come up - or gently point out to you what you're doing wrong, and provide help to get you up to speed. There's never been a "we don't support that" or "go read the manual." You'll like it here."

  • Ricky Williams

    "Clanwars offered the best service I've seen for Teamspeak Servers!"

  • alexey chuprina (Avengers)


  • John Ziegler (BigJohn Entertainment)

    "I have had nothing less than a great experience with their control panel for manging our game server and teamspeak server is by far one of the easiest to use. The customer service is more then you would expect from a game server hosting company, Anytime i place asupport ticket in needing support i have always got a very fast reply and my issue has always been resolved in very timely fashion. I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a lag free, reliable game or voice server with the best customer support team by far. I have been with several hosts over the years and i must say is simply the best, you definately get what you pay for with these guys!!!"

  • Alan Holcomb

    "Well, Starting off with the server it self. The teamspeak 3 server does not lag unlike other server providers which lag.The permissions are easy to use and edit without a error unlike other providers which is good, but the problem i do sometimes have it when i go to delete a person from a permission group it would say Empty Group. The Next thing would be the TSCP. the control panel is very easy to use and since the new update came out not to long ago it enhanced the use even more. The last thing is tech support. Tech support has been very friendly with me and has helped me out if i needed help with something. Overall i think this service was what i was looking for. I would definitely recommend this to a friend."

  • Shannon Ritchie

    "Very good, handled my problem well. "

  • LaShounda Hampton

    "Lisa gave me the best experience I have ever had! I have been shopping around for mumble servers to buy for a few of my friends to raid in peace and happiness. With me being a complete newbie on servers I wasn't sure why there are so many hosting sites and companies. Lisa took her time and explained everything to me and did not make me feel like I was pressured to buy anything. She made me feel like she cared that I was scared on buying something I knew nothing about. She even gave me a trial to see if I would like it AND a link to tutorials (because I am a newb)! Overall I was impressed with the level of service I have received. Lisa is amazing and wonderful and she made me feel happy with my purchase today. You are awesomesauce!"

  • James Lange (Team Assassin)

    "I must say, Awesome support and service. I've been running servers for 14 years now and Clanwarz is by far the best provider i've been with."

  • Sophie McLaughlin

    "Most helpful and most kind. "

  • Gordon Lee

    "From what I've seen so far, great hosts. Panel is easy to use, and if you get stuck they always have a step by step guide on what to do. "

  • "5 Stars!"

  • "I have used your service for about 3 months now and only once was my server down and that was only about 5 minutes. I am capable of running my own teamspeak server on my second computer which would be free, but your service is so easy to use, hassle free, amazing quality, and for only $4 a month I would be stupid not to subscribe. I also love your ts3 domain tool which allows me to have my own personalized teamspeak domain not just some generic You guys at clanwarz do some amazing things! I also love your sleek, simple, easy to use control panel. I love how I can add subusers so they can restart the server if need be without having to give them access to everything. Keep up the amazing services! "

  • Jacqueline Spratt (SoF2)

    " Hi ive only been with Clanwarz a few weeks, i have a sof2 server with them and i think its great... everything i have asked for help with they have been quick to respond and as helpfull as they can be.. They also gave me a 10 person mumble for free to match my 10 player server. Thank you Clanwarz ur great...."

  • Robert Szakacs

    "Awesome fast,friendly and good staff and service."

  • Tim Bentsen (CityofRivals)

    "Very good support had a guy from the clanwarz doing my banner in 2 mins, customers comes first here !"

  • Rasmus Hagelin

    "I just had some problems with a little DDOS attack, it took the customer service 5 minutes to get on a line with me and 5 minutes to solve my problem. Best customer service I've met in many years ! "

  • Brain Storm

    "Don't be fooled by the others. Clanwarz gives you control on what you want to achieve. I didn't have that at other hosts. Great and fast support, as any good clan would need it when its needed. Thanks guys !! "

  • Alif Hamza

    "Rentals after rentals of different company, i finaly decided to stay with clanwarz because of fast response and support even though im in a different timezone, Singapore.

    Server uptime was great, 0 downtimes since my stay here 4 months plus. Although i could get a cheaper rent for more players slots, i found out the uptime and crashing was frequent in other company, well what u pay is what u get :) a few bucks more for a peace of mind."

  • Aleksander Danielsen (Out of the Shadow)

    "Thank you for your great customer service!"

  • Catt Small (The Code Liberation Foundation)

    "Great service run by people who love technology. Always willing to help and incredibly knowledgeable!"

  • Chanignun Thipairote (FPSThailand)

    "Very Good"

  • Stephen Inwood

    "Despite my persistence and ignorance of topics I claim to know stuff about I was still treated with respect and enthusiasm. We worked on the problem together until it got solved I was very impressed with the customer service I received."

  • Paulo Castro (spiritinovation)


  • "Let me start by saying i have had multiple servers through out the years, since L4D1. When i first started back in 2008 servers were pretty good and reliable. Over the years i have noticed tech support from some server companies has deteriorated. Now i see too many games crammed onto 1 machine thus creating lag and numerous crashes. The companies today are selling game servers as low as 5.00 per game. I think because of this pricing more and more server are being activated and putting more strain on the machines. Here at Clanwarz I am reminded of what service was years ago. I send a ticket and usually i get a response pretty quick sometimes within 10 minutes. One of the people there Jay has actally spent considerable amount of time with me setting my server and mods, great guy. I now have 2 server here and have tried to intentionally to crash my server, NADA, server didn't flinch no lag no crashing. I am very pleased with this company and the support i get here. Spot On Servers.

  • Adriano Bonanno

    "The best, most accurate customer service i've ever seen in years!

    I really have to be honest about the performance of the customer service operator, which name is Mike; he has been very professional and kind and his help has been crucial in the resolution of the issue we've experienced.

    And beside that, which has been very important for us, we are really happy with the short time your customer service department has dealt with our ticket."

  • Dyllan Weich (AoA)

    "When setting up my community and software, the service here helped me make sure everything was up to date and installed correctly.

    they didn't hesitate to help make sure everything was in perfect shape before the job was done.

    Thanks guys!"

  • "Clanwarz is usually quite prompt when I start a support ticket. But sometimes they will even call you! For my last ticket, Jay called me and was willing to help me figure out an issue I was having with the FTP. You can't top that for support.
    Thank you, Clanwarz!"

  • stefano de santis

    "Grazie per la pazienza

    L'incaricato al servizio di assistenza clienti, il cui nome è MIke, è stato infinitamente gentile nell'assisterci nella risoluzione di un problema che, putrtoppo però, era stato causato dalla nostra inesperienza in campo di gestione di server Team Speak. Ciò nonostante Mike si è dimostato cordiale e disponibile nei nostri riguardi e ha risolto il nostro problema in pochi minuti. Complimenti per il servizio."

  • Martin Neff

    "I was very satisfied with your mumble service: good ping and up-time and more settings for your server than with other providers. I would and definitely will recommend your service!"

  • Bruno Durães

    "i have no complains :)"

  • Michael R. Taylor

    "Your service appears to be great. I can't give much more at this time as I have stopped playing the game I was playing, and am taking up a newly released game. But at this point trying to figure out how to make a change to my server name. I have changed it in my client, but wish to change what is listed in the server list. Possibly it takes a little while to do that.

  • Brian Seidel

    "I had a member join in the teamspeak and help me test the settings of the bot to make sure i was not putting in a command that was wrong. It was an operator error (my fault) but with him there and explaining everything we figured out the issue and resolved it within the matter of a few minutes. So far the best customer service i have ever had with a team speak."


    "services have be great no problems since the first week of usage. "

  • Martin Chalker

    "Excellent, reliable service. Great customer support."

  • Ajith Frick (FreeDeath)

    "Good and fast responses, very happy with service till date. "

  • Mark Geneste

    "You have an excellent service and we will certainly use your services in the future!"

  • Vincent Del Vecchio (Dark Moogle Knights)

    "Everything is so easy to use and set up was simple. Your control panels are fantastic and I was up and running and configuring everything in a matter of about a minute! Service and sound quality is top notch. If only ALL web services were as easy as this! Your company and its services are incredible and I would recommend you to anyone looking to set up a voice chat service or server!"

  • Max Valsø

    "Like Gameservers on cocaine, dice throw 6."

  • Aleksandrs Gulbis

    "Server was made like 1, 2, and 3!"

  • Liam Blackband

    "ClanWarz, for me, is excellent. It offers a flexible and customizable experience that is flawless. "

  • bean boy

    "Fast and easy experiance, great service."

  • "Best service and teamspeak server I have ever seen.
    Your cheep and reliable"

  • Maxime Auger-Baillargeon

    "Good server! Time Up Great! Support A+."

  • Tynan Peter

    "Everything perfect so far! 5/5"

  • Aaron Whittington (DarePVP)

    "I have had a great experience with a fellow in which has been replying to my tickets. He has helped me setup my Teamspeak and my SRV records (off site) in order to get it working in the way I wanted.

    5/5 support. "

  • Daniel Berghäll

    "Oh man, this is far the best VoIP service I have used. It's extremly easy to use, easy to pay for, easy to configure, fast changes when upgrading / setting up the server. Very good prices, very user-friendly and over all excellent service."

  • Steven Aneiros

    "Excellent hosting, great quality services, always up and running. Never had any issues with connections, latency, nor customer support."

  • William Greer

    "I have found your Services to outshine the competitor's I don't think i'll ever use another company for my Teamspeak services again. "

  • Jay Vasallo

    "Love It."

  • Christopher Moyer

    "No issues so far. No issues with the server and everything was easy to figure out. Lots of features at a decent price. "

  • Igor Ermitão (Seireitei)

    "Excellent service, for a good price. Thanks and keep a good job."

  • Sandra Grigaitiene


  • Shana Mizuki (Asmodae Society)

    "It was good :)"

  • Cody Hickman (1995)

    "Haven't had a single issue that I wasn't emailed ahead of time about, and the only issue I have had was when they changed servers, which is no problem. Solid updates via email on what's going on and how it can affect the customers."

  • Brian Johnson

    "Our WoT clan hosts our TS3 server here and the Staff and tutorials are the best I have seen. When I first started I knew nothing about TS site creation and now I can do anything I need with it. We are currently discussing doing our website here too. These guys rock!!!"

  • Cláudio Cabeleira

    "Excelent service, stable TS server.
    Very satisfied."

  • Michael Espiritu

    "love your guys services, so many options for me! wayy better than gameservers services. gonna be a customer for a very long time :)"

  • Alex mil (InfinityPvP)

    "Best Host out there. Control panel is very easy to use! Support is amazing!"

  • Hideki Kishimoto

    "Amazing Service!"

  • Kobe Redaniel (UnitedSMP)

    "It was good"

  • robin lindeberg (sweden)

    "i like it"

  • Tommy Blair

    "Everything was fantastic, very little downtime with fast support"

  • Dennis Rooks (Café Kras)

    "Great uptime and service for an good price. "

  • Peter franken

    "Cheap, stable and easily manageable. Never had a TS before and there are enough tutorials on clanwarz to help you out. I highly recommend."

  • The Supreme (TheSupremeTS3)

    "You provide excellent servers!"

  • Billy Espineda

    "Service here is great!"

  • AIKCHI AAA (syoyo)

    "Very very good!"

  • Michael Sanders

    "Been loving it so far. Has been a great tool in helping me learn how to work my way around the software. "

  • Jack Gryn (PN)

    "Wanted to play with my gf but skype didn't work well. Decided to buy a 15 slot server here. Great price! Now i've got a CSGO team and we use it without problems at all! No lag at all!"

  • Jacob Juhler


  • "Service is excellent!"

  • Alejandro Pastor Yrezabal

    "El mejor sitio sin duda para contratar un servidor de ts3."

  • Alexander Miles (Anti Sossfan Inc.)

    "Our services have been perfect, and I would recommend you 10/10 times because of your low priced, high quality hosting!"

  • Aden Cook

    "It was really great and easy to set up, lag was rarely an issue."

  • William Hume

    "I have a TS server with Clanwarz, and it's fantastic. The price for slots I have is excellent, the server is great with no connecting issues for me or international folks, and very easy to customize and work with. The staff have been helpful when necessary, and have provided excellent tools to help my experience with them. I would recommend them wholeheartedly!"

  • Gal Yacobi

    "Server came within minutes.
    The Interface is very friendly for new admins.
    You guys are the best by far!!"

  • Kody Rose (Klan Meeting)

    "Out of all the Teamspeaks I've had over the 15 or so years ive used teamspeak you guys had the best support!"

  • Laura Martti

    "Your customer support is amazing. Servers are pretty amazing too, though sometimes (maybe once a month) it happens that the server goes down for a couple of minutes and then comes back up.
    No problem, Clanwarz is superior to Gameservrs (that I used before) in so many ways. Keep up the good work!"

  • Roma Busalaev

    "Everything is perfect! Thanks! "

  • William Salomon (Ignoble Gaming)

    " Fantastic service, the best we've used so far. "

  • Justin wilkinson

    "Best server host I have ever had I will never ever go back to vilayer again, they are the worst. Clanwarz is the best."

  • Olle Friman

    "I am fully pleased with all the features and the customers service that have helped me out, "

  • "SO far so good would gladly buy again each and every service. Just wished there was more custom web plans other than that very good services. Not a single issue yet."

  • Danilo Beirne (MemeClinic)

    "Fast and easy. Great service."

  • Raffaele Villella (NBR)



    "Very advance TS control panel, stable TS, excellent support, prices a bit high"

  • shota kikvadze (S&K)

    "hello "

  • Bartosz Jaślan (

    "Most Excellent Teamspeak 3 Servers in Warsaw Poland!"

  • Drake Robinson (Durake.Me LLC)

    "Very cheap Web Hosting that provides me WAY more options than any of the competitors like Weebly, Webs, etc. For 3 bucks I get full FTP Access, 50 Email Accounts, you can't beat it, Weebly and similar companies charge 7 bucks for the cheapest Web Hosting and as I said, have way less features."

  • lee rich (3rd Armoured 82nd Battalion)

    "I needed help with stopping auto payments through my paypal i spoke with live agent & they were very polite with there welcome & were very helpful in steering me in the right direction to getting this done , & i got a very quick response to my question & it was done . Keep up the good work guys & gals & have a happy christmas from me & all the guys in my clan . We hope to have a great 2017 working with your support & great ts many thanks."

  • Jason Ackerman

    "Support is extremely fast and friendly. I feel like a friend of the company more than a customer. I love it. Great performance (literally everyone has commented how amazing it is.) due to performance our server grew from 5 of us to over 50 in one week.

    You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for the great customer experience. "

  • Artyom Maslyuchenko

    "100 % awesome!"

  • Lonnie Miller

    "Very nice price to enable my clan and I to coordinate attacks on the battlefield. Thank you very much."

  • Jason Ackerman

    "Support is extremely fast and friendly. I feel like a friend of the company more than a customer. I love it. Great performance (literally everyone has commented how amazing it is.) due to performance our server grew from 5 of us to over 50 in one week.

    You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for the great customer experience. "

  • Андрей Свешников


  • Jakub Cichocki

    "I freggin love Clanwar!"

  • Tobias Knutsson

    "Im happy with the service i got. There has been some minor glitches but gotten help fast from the support. "

  • Anthony Edwards (SkyJet Virtual Airlines)

    "Flawless !"

  • Hikaru Arimura


  • Jonas Rosen

    "I´m happy! No sadface here <3"

  • Jeff Tewell

    "I've had this server for three years and have had zero problems!! I couldn't ask for a better experience. Domain got messed up after an update and you guys fixed it within minutes. Recommended for sure...thanks!!




  • Serah Kuroyuki

    "Everything super good, fast replies on tickets and chat and always friendly and helpful"

  • kubo akira (tokyo)


  • Kristian Haughom

    "Fair service with good prices. I miss loyalty bonuses or free months like I get on other providers, I might switch over to them soon because of this.

    Always met friendly people at the support."

  • james mcintosh (none)

    "We have been very happy with our Teamspeak"


    "Its a GREAT place with a truly easy but advanced interface. You are selfgoing from day1 (quake live) Easy install of minqlx and install all plugins you want. Support IS good. Both in Frankfurt and Amsterdam they working hard to get your server going ASAP!

    I rent my third -3- QuakeLive server just this very moment.

    Only that they have a nearly selfdying game in their collection this days is enough info to choose this fine GamePortal!

    Thank you <3 "

  • Andrew Mancinelli

    "One of the best Admin panels I have ever used. Thank you!!!!"

  • Mary Antonelli

    "Clanwarz is great for Teamspeak, Mumble, and for Ventrilo as well- however my guild voted to move to Discord so we are not using them at this time. Their support and configuration were always excellent. Will totally recommend!"

  • Lee Nap

    "support is very helpful in general support
    server runs perfectly without lag
    cool price too"

  • Kim Bjerkestrand

    "Got the server up fast and this is just the way I like it. Support is always excellent."

  • Daniel Katz (Python Roleplay)

    "Great service, very dedicated supporters in the live chat. "

  • Mario Richard (SVS)

    "The only thing we find is that there are often unknown people that login to our server. I don't know where they find our password ??? But all the rest is great. The sound quality is very good.


  • Simão Felgueiras (Maori)

    "Clanwarz takes 4 stars. I never give 5 so 4 stars they get for good support and very fast."

  • Jan Christer Orsteen

    "Great support and super fast answers. Great job and awesome control panel."

  • Chris Llewellyn

    "Maybe I missed it if it exists but I think it would be awesome if I could set up "sub-users" so I can have Co-Admins for my teamspeak3 server log into the control panel using their own information to do so. Would be a nice tool. I gave a rating of 4 out of 5 only because of that. Otherwise, your services are outstanding."

  • Anton Suomela (Ingridsköttbullar WoW)

    "Clearly perfect except for the CPanel delay, which makes me give u 4/5 instead of 5/5."

  • João Maia (Logistica Portuguesa)

    "Tem sido algo novo para mim, não trabalhar com TS3 mas com os domínios.
    Também quero agradecer o acompanhamento ou o suporte que me tem dado.
    Agradeço a paciência que tem demonstrado comigo.
    Estou bastante contente com o serviço prestado pela equipa CLANWARZ. "

  • Will Soederhuysen

    "Pretty good hosting provider, love the bot feature, it's the main reason I stay, it has something that none of the other providers have! I would recommend it to anyone who wants a cheep server.

    There servers do go down sometimes but they work really fast to put them back online."

  • Ad M (Hawks)

    "+Great service and good servers to boot. Control panel access and overall automation is fast and easy. Excellent up time and no lag issues. Highly recommended.
    -Wish they had more slots for Asian servers"

  • "Almost perfect. All the other server hosts that were this affordable lagged more often. Only 1-2 times over the last 6 months."

  • Tomás Kupi (DlayLy)


  • Dana Llewellyn

    "I was a client for a few months in the fall of 2014. During that time I had my own minecraft server and ts3 server and I was always pleased with the quality of the service and the awesome customer service. Unfortunately due to some financial problems I had to say goodbye to clanwarz. Since leaving I have been through many providers and I haven't found a company that has better customer service or better service period. I highly recommend Clanwarz to all my friends and anyone that is looking for a great game or voice server provider. Thanks for being such a great company Clanwarz. "

  • Alfredo Ortiz (DeoxCO)

    "Very Good"

  • Ray Wilfong (none)

    "Great price, service, and product. I'm quite pleased."

  • Maranda Voican

    "I've had some service issues but the response times have been fantastic, I appreciate the quick responses."

  • "Easy to use as I'm new to hosting teamspeak for my guild but the more i learn the better and user friendly user interface seems to be. I'm not through my 1st month yet so I don't know how the invoices work but I'm sure to give a 5 rating if all is smooth!"

  • Mark Christensen

    "Ordering my 1 GB Minecraft server was very easy.

    This is my first time trying to rent a Minecraft server, and I was surprised that it wasn't automatically updated to the latest version. After I've logged into the admin page, a nice little notification was telling me that I could apply the latest update to the Minecraft server, so I clicked it and all was well!

    I did have certain strange issues with me not being able to ping the server, although my friend could join without issues and the control panel showed me that the server was in fact running. Usualy fixed by starting/stopping the server, and I haven't experienced that issue since that first night.

    The server itself also rebooted 1 time outside the normal boot scheduel. I later found out that was due to the server running out of memory. So the server has access to more, but there's some software (I assume) that auto-shutsdown the server when it exceeds that amount. This puzzled me, as the server could potentially keep going if I simply only have access to 1 GB of ram, so for the system to auto-shutdown the server seems strange to me. But I might upgrade to a 2 GB server instead to, hopefully, avoid such shutdowns in the future.

    Keep up the great work, guys!"

  • Andrea kennedy

    "It would be nice to have a clan pay button available on teamspeak, i know some of my team members have wanted to help pay for teamspeak.....thanks"

  • Peter Cordwell

    "I have had no problems except one."

  • Antonio Granny (na)

    "i am very pleased with my ts3 server it is up all the time and is very easy to create a channel when i need one. The clarity is perfect even from my players over seas this is great"

  • Morten Jensen

    "Best hosting service i have used so far.. Only problem i have is that there have been some unexpected down time. I am pretty sure that this has happend because of a DDOS attack on a client that is on the same server that is hosting my services. except for that i am very happy with the customer support and the overall service."

  • Jashan Brown (Tri4orce)

    "Very Good Service very minimal downtime servers stay up for long times with no crashes and prices are some of the best around"

  • Kai Asakura (GamePlay Community)

    "Amazing Service!"

  • João Navio (Portugal)

    "Nice work

  • Ivan Ruiz

    "Amazing service!"

  • Lasse Sogge

    "I can't really say my opinion, but I've hard good things about your services so far. so i hope this will turn out good"