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   How To Restore Your Ventrilo Server With Your Vault Backups

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Restoring Your Ventrilo Server With Your Vault Backups at

To Upgrade or Downgrade your services:

  • Please be sure you are at the Payment Area before you proceed.
  • Click the Payment button under the website banner, on any page.
  • Once logged in, click the the My Services button, at the top right of the website.
  • You are now at your Ventrilo Service Record.
  • Next, click the - Login To Control - Panel Button.
  • The system will log you in automatically in the Ventrilo Control Panel.
  • Click The Blue Actions Tab.
  • Then click - Restore Ventrilo From Backup - Link.
  • Choose one of the dates from within the dropdown menu.

Schedule Daily, Weekly or Monthly Ventrilo Backups Delivered Via Email

  • Each date represents a snap shot of that day.
  • After you have chosen a Date to restore, press the Execute Button.
  • Your service will go offline, we will switch the files and restart your service automatically.
  • Keep in mind we do 6 daily network backups. You will always see the latest file in your backups folder.
  • Your backup folder stores the last 21 days of backups.
  • A backup is dropped in your backups folder every 4 - 5 hours.
  • The new backup will over write the previous backup.

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