How To Create A New Teamspeak 3 Privilege Key or Admin Token Key

Creating Teamspeak 3 Privilege Keys For Your Clanwarz Teamspeak 3 Voice Server

Privilege Keys or Admin Tokens, can be generated from within your Teamspeak 3 Control Panel. Our Control Panel will give you the option to generate three different keys:

  • Server Admin Privilege Key
  • Admin Privilege Key
  • Clan Member Privege Key

If you have reformatted your computer or pc, you will also need to generate yourself a new Server Admin Privilege Key. When watching the video, you will notice that this is the Key generated when clicking the RED button. Just remember there is no reason at all to give any member this key. This key was created for the Teamspeak 3 Server owner.

If you as a server owner, never give anyone else this key, your chances of being banned from your own server becomes pretty impossible, unless you edit your server groups and fudge all there.

If you have a group connecting to your Teamspeak 3 Server, you may want to hand a few of the officers / captains / trusted members - an Admin Privilege Key. This Key will give them certain administrator rights such as creating and editing channels and as well as managing your Clan Members.

Last but not least are your Clan Members. These are your most important people. Without them you have no group. Give them the Clan Member Privlege Key. This key gives them the ability to communicate with themselves and carry on member functions automatically.

View the video and follow the steps below and you will have yourself a new Teamspeak 3 Privilege Key within seconds.

  • Select TS3 Permission Overview drop down menu
  • Click Privilege Keys
  • Copy your Click Privilege Key
  • Click your TS 3 Server address at the top right of the Control Panel
  • Enter your server password
  • Now paste your Click Privilege Key into the Click Privilege Key window
  • You will see a success message followed by a Server Admin icon appearing to the right of your name
  • Congratuations! You now have Admin Control Of Your Server and you are now "Captain or Boss" of your TS3 Server

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