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Setting up Users as Mumble Administrators On Your Server - Mumble

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How to Set Up Server Administrators On Your Mumble Server

Before you can set up anyone as an administrator, they need to be registered users. To do this, request they go to the "Self" menu and click the Register button.You will follow these same steps to set yourself up as an administrator.

If you do not yet have any Users or Channels in your server, you can install the "Clanwarz Lobby and Channels" mod by accessing your Clanwarz Control Panel and installing it from the "Mods" section. This will populate your server with channels that you can easily edit by logging in as an Administrator.

Once you are registered, you can add yourself as a SuperAdmin by following these steps:

  • Once the user has been registered, launch Mumble, Select Server from navigation menu and go to connect. If your server information is not already entered, enter it.
  • For Username, input "SuperUser" . For Password, you will enter in the SuperAdmin password located in your superagmin.conf settings.
  • Connect to your server.
  • Once connected, right click your main channel and select Edit.
  • Select the Groups tab.
  • Select "Admin" from the Group drop down.
  • Enter the username of the user you wish to make an administrator in the text field located at the bottom of the "Members" column.
  • Hit Add. That User is now an Administrator.
  • Click "Okay" to exit the server panel.

Congratulations! You've added yourself as a SuperAdmin!

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