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How to List Your Mumble Server Publicly

Registering your Mumble Server From Clanwarz As Public

To register your server on the public list in mumble, follow these steps:

  • First, make sure you are logged into your Clanwarz Control Panel.
  • Once logged in, select Voice Services and then Click on Your Mumble Server. Note: Your Mumble Server will say "Murmur" instead of Mumble. Have no fear, it is the right server.
  • Before Continuing, make sure your server has been stopped by hitting the "stop" button in your server status bar.
  • Click the "Configuration Files" button
  • Next to the Register URL text field, enter the website of your group, sponsor, or a website where users can administrate themselves. This URL will appear in the public server list. Example: If this is a guild server, enter the website of your guild.
  • Next to the "Register Hostname" text field, enter the hostname of your server. All mumble servers have a hostname. If your server is based in New York, for example, your hostname will be:
  • Hit save and restart your server. It should now be shown on the public list.

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Publisher: Clanwarz, Inc.

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