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Introduction to cPanel's Installatron at - Installatron

"Website Creation Automation"

Website Creation Automation by Installatron - The Introduction

Creating a website has never been easier at Clanwarz. Thanks to Installatron, we’ve made it easy for you to setup, backup, install and manage all systems you may need to create the site of your dreams.

We have everything from content management systems (CMS) like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla, to ecommerce sites like OpenCart and osCommerce, anything you need is right here in’s installatron.

In this article, Clanwarz will provide you with all the at-a-glance information you need to get started on the site you’ve been waiting for. We will show you Step-by-Step videos on:

Setup and Find Installatron

Manage Your Installed Applications

How to Install Specific Applications

The Clanwarz Web Services Guarantee

All Web Services come equipped with our Custom Control Panel, Cpanel and PHP MyAdmin. All web services have the ability to expand and include our custom DNS Suites which automate tedious domain record creation designed and geared towards gaming websites. You will have access to a full line of CMS and custom modules to install automatically using Installatron. Installatron will automate all aspects of your website creation from emails to database passwords. All web service can access Installatron from within their Clanwarz Portal, on this website.

When ordering your Website Domain Name, be sure to add Domain Name Management and we will setup your records for you - free of charge.

Every Web Service at Clanwarz comes with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

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