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How To Properly Poweroff or Shutdown Your Minecraft McMyAdmin Server At Clanwarz

Properly Shutting Down Your Minecraft McMyAdmin Server

The McMyAdmin server panel relies on the Clanwarz cPanel to function. When the the server has been shut down via the cPanel, it will improperly shut down McMyAdmin AND your server, possibly causing loss of data.

In the event you need to perform some quick server maintenance using McMyAdmin, please follow the instructions on the proper way to shut down your server.

Shut Down Server To Prevent Players From Joining

  • First, make sure you are logged into your McMyAdmin Server panel.
  • Once logged in, hit the "stop server" button in the status section of your McMyAdmin.This will shut down the server without shutting down McMyAdmin.
  • After this you can install plugins, update plugins, create backups, whatever needs to be done.
  • You can start your server again by hitting the "start server" button in the status section of your McMyAdmin.

Shut Server Down Completely

  • You will need to shut down the server completely in the event you need to upgrade your bukkit, server installation or add additional plugins through our bukget feature.
  • To do this, make sure you are logged into the both the McMyAdmin Server panel and the Clanwarz Control Panel.
  • Once Logged in, first stop the server in McMyAdmin, THEN stop the server in the Clanwarz
  • This will properly shut down McMyAdmin so that no one can join and then stop the services that run McMyAdmin so you can update any properties of the server.
  • To start your server once a full shut down has occured, simply hit the start button in your Clanwarz cPanel.

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