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This Tutorial Will Show You How To Update Your McMyAdmin To Include The Latest Clanwarz Theme

How To Update McMyAdmin To Include Clanwarz Latest Theme

McMyAdmin is a Control Panel addon that you can use and is located within your Minecraft Control Panel. We urge you to use this panel as it will simplify admin duties and decrease the time it takes for certain functions to complete. Since the McMyAdmin Control Panel resides on your Minecraft Server, it is lightning fast. Remember, anything done in this Control Panel does not require a server restart and all changes take effect immediately.

McMyAdmin will also allow you to install Plugins. Remember the Clanwarz Plugin installer has a Plugin Update Feature which is included.

This video tutorial will show you how to update your McMyAdmin to include the latest Clanwarz theme.

  • Enter your Minecraft control panel and STOP your server
  • Click on Updates icon
  • Click on the [ Install ] link to the right of the Clanwarz Theme update line
  • The install process should take a few seconds
  • Click the Minecraft IP at the top, within the breadcrumb
  • Start Your Server
  • Wait at least 10 seconds then click the McMyAdmin icon

Your McMyAdmin Clanwarz Theme will now have the latest updates from the week before. Remember any update that is deemed important will automatically be applied. This will ensure you have the latest software at all times.

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