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How To Update Steam Games Using Didrole Alternate Steam Tool For Linux - Pay Invoices

How To Update Steam Games - Steam Update Scripts - Steamcmd

Once you have the Steam Alternate Tool created by our good friends at installed, you will need to update each game. You can do this a few different way with one being logged into your TCAdmin Control Panel. If you want to bypass TCAdmin completely, then create a few scripts and execute them while you are inside your linux server.

If you have a script you would like to contribute and have us add to our Tcadmin scripting area, please feel free to contact us by registering and opening a support ticket when you can. We will post the script here and hopefully it will help other game admins

Keep in mind there are many ways to perform an action in Linux and Linux Scripting. The scripts below will show you an easy way to update each Linux Dedicated Server offered for download via Steam. Hope this helps anyone who is having trouble. Enjoy!

Game Folder Names In TCAdmin Are Important

If you are using TCAdmin, then you probably have a nice naming pattern for your server files.

To keep things simple, let us refer to TCAdmin as a user always docked at /home/tcadmin

Let's place a game folder within tcadmin so the path would be /home/tcadmin/games

Remember to name your game server file folders according to the Operating System the files are for. A simple way would be to add the -windows or -linux at the end of the game folder name.


[tcadmin@myserver games]# ls

Then the full paths to your folders and compressed files would be something like


A Simple Script You Can Use For Linux Steam Games

Here's a simple script you can use that will work for all linux dedicated servers deliverable via Steam. Be sure that the paths are set correctly. There is also a script directory that should be set /home/tcadmin/games/.scripts

#-- Didrole - TCAdmin - Clanwarz - Steam Game Update Script
#-- -------------------------------------------------------

#-- Game Related

#-- Tcadmin Directories

if [ "$(id -u)" = "0" ]; then
   chown --recursive tcadmin:tcadmin /home/tcadmin/
   echo "You Are Root - Changing Over To Tcadmin - Try Command Again ..."
   echo ""   
   su - tcadmin; cd $scripts_dir
   exit 1

#-- Check to be sure you are passing 2 variables - game name and app id
if [[ $# -eq 2 ]]; then
  echo ""
  echo "Almost - remember you have to pipe in the app_id and game_name by adding it to the end of the command ..."
  echo ""
  echo "Example for CSGO Game"
  echo "app_id = 740"
  echo "game_name = csgo"
  echo "sh 740 csgo"
  echo ""
  echo ""

cd $steamcmd_dir
./ -command update -game $app_id -dir $game_name_dir -verify_all

After the script is on your server and the TCAdmin paths are set correctly, chmod the script and execute it.

chmod 0700
sh 740 csgo

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