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How To Modify Your Shootmania Service and Login To Your Clanwarz Control Panel

How To Upgrade - Downgrade - Cancel - Login To Your Clanwarz Control Panel

Welcome to Clanwarz and congratulations on your Shootmania Server purchase!

Sit back and enjoy a few introdutory videos which will guide you through all aspects of managing your Shootmania Server. You will notice that each video will explain a simply way to accomplish the task at hand along with tips and tricks that will faciltate your admin duties which will give you more gaming time!

Our introductory video will show you how to locate your Shootmania Service record, how to manage your Shootmania Service and then how to login to your Clanwarz Control Panel. Your Service Record contains links that will upgrade, downgrade and even cancel your Shootmania server. Your Service Record will also contain your Control Panel login information along with the Control Panel Link.

If you find a simpler way to accomplish any task in one of our tutorials or if you would like for us to publish your work and have it for easy discovery so other admins can also enjoy your work, please let us know. We will be honored to accomondate your needs and host your server files within our control panel.

Follow these steps to manage your Shootmania Server and to login to your Clanwarz Control Panel.

  • Please be sure you are already logged into your Clanwarz Client Portal
  • Click My Services - top right of every page
  • Click Addons to access your Service Addons
  • Click Change Password to change your Control Panel Password
  • Click Upgrade / Downgrade to modify your max service slots or max player amount
  • Click the RED Cancel button to cancel your Shootmania server
  • Click the GREEN Login To Control Panel button to auto login to your Clanwarz Control Panel

The Clanwarz Shootmania Package Guarantee

All Shootmania Servers come equipped with our Custom Control Panel, with features you will only find here at Clanwarz.

Your Shootmania server will be setup within minutes in the location closest to you. Test our Shootmania Server Locations before you order.

When ordering your Shootmania Server be sure to add the dedicated Ip. You can also purchase your own domain name and we will setup your records for you - free of charge!

Every Shootmania Game Server at Clanwarz comes with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

Publisher: Clanwarz, Inc.

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