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This Video Tutorial Will Show You How To Add An Idle Check Function To Your JTS3ServerMod TS3Bot

Adding An Idle Check Function - To Your JTS3Server TS3Bot

In our previous video, we showed you how to add and configure a Channle Notify Function in your TS3Bot. This video tutorial we will show you how to add and configure An Idle Check Function.

You can configure the Idle Check Function to move or kick a particular group or anyone who remains Idled for a defined period of time in your Teamspeak 3 Server. This feature is like the AFK Function in Ventrilo and Mumo Scripts for Mumble. You can configure this many different ways and also style your chat or poke message with BBC forum code. This function is very useful.

This video will show you how to add an Idle Check Function, to your JTS3ServerMod TS3bot while explaning the following:

  • Defining the function name
  • Configuring each parameters or tweaking each setting
  • Create a Message which displays directly after any client is moved or kicked
  • Styling the message using BBC Code
  • Save Function, Reload TS3Bot Configuration , Reload TS3Bot

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