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This Tutorial Will Show You How To Update Your Counter Strike Global Offensive Steam Server. - CSGO

How To Set Update Your CSGO Server By Clicking Steam Update Icon From Inside Your CSGO CP.

Each and every Counter Strike Global Offensive order at Clanwarz is inspected before you receive your server details. A Steam Update is performed on the server after the server is created to ensure you are running the latest secure code from Valve. After the Steam update is done, an automatic Steam update script is installed on the server. This script executes every afternoon if no one is present on the server. If you go to join your server, and receive a mismatch error, this is because Steam released an update after the server was auto updated earlier that day, or the update was released before the Steam auto script was executed. When this happens, you need to manually update your CSGO server.

To manually update your CSGO Server, please login to your CSGO Control Panel and follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1 - Click The Steam Update Icon

Step 1

Step 2 - Wait Until The Steam Update Process Completes - Do NOT Close Pop-up

Step 2

NOTE: Steam can take some time to finish updating. The popup window may even take a minute before it starts to show you any information. Do not close the pop-up window. Let Steam finish updating your server. If you are having issues with the update, please open a support ticket and we will do this for you.

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