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This Tutorial Will Show You How To Stream or Download Your CSGO Game Server Console Log File. - CSGO

How To Download or Stream Your Server Console Log File From Within Your CSGO Control Panel

Your CSGO server creates a server console log file the moment it is started. Your CSGO server also prints the very last function it performed before it crashes to the server console log file.

As you begin to mod your server with plugins and add custom maps, you will find yourself accessing your server console log regularly or viewing functions being performed live from within the Web Console.

NOTE: Each time you start your server, the previous server console log file is not overwritten but moved to the 1-Backups folder. All files in the 1-Backups folder are saved for fifteen days and removed automatically.

Step 1 - Left Click The Log Viewer Button.

Step 1

Step 2 - Left Click The Download Text Link To Download Your Server Console Log.

Step 2

Step 3 - Left Click The Stream File Button To Open The Server Console Log File In A Pop Up Window.

Step 1

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