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This Tutorial Will Show You How Create A TS3 ServerQuery Username and Login - Teamspeak 3

Create a Server Query Username and Login For Your TS3 Server

Creating a TS3 ServerQuery Login while you are logged into your Teamspeak 3 server as server admin. The ServerQuery Username and Login you create is based on the level of permissions you have at the time you create the ServerQuery Username and Login.

If the ServerQuery login is greyed out, then you are not Server Admin or if you are, then your Server Admin group has been altered and it's permissions have been diminished.

If you rent the JTS3ServerMod as a stand alone service, then this tutorial is for you!

If you need to reset your admin permissions then follow this tutorial named How To Reset Your Teamspeak 3 Admin Privileges.

Step 1 - Be Sure You Are Logged In As ServerAdmin - Place Mouse Over Tools > Left Click ServerQuery Login

Step 1

Step 2 - Type 1 Word That Will Represent Your ServerQuery Account > Left Click The OK Button

Step 2

Step 3 - Copy - Paste - Save To A Text File - You Can Remake This Account At Anytime - New Account Overrides Existing Account

Step 3

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